Sunday, April 1, 2012

[Eat+Love] Thursday OUG Pasar Malam (Night Market/Bazaar) @OUG

(*Continued from Asam Laksa post - same night)

After the tasty Asam Laksa @ Restoran Ah Loy OUG, we marched on to Pasar Malam OUG. I used to help my aunt to sell fruits here, quite an experience and fun though. The crowd is big and crazy, literally walked in slow pace and easily get bumped by another person which caused my pictures pretty blur.

That's the sotong bakar (grilled squid), the colour of it looked dull but the aroma of it amazingly great! They have different ways to serve the squids. Example; grill , tofu pok (tofu puffs), marinated and others. Thumbs up for this!

Felt honored having 2 pretty ladies (Emily + SY) to enjoy moments with me @Pasar Malam OUG.

Managed to capture this photo even though several bumps from the crowd. Thai Roast Pork, it looks nice. I didn't manage to buy as I was way too full and pretty long queue. 

Lam Kee (林記)'s Chinese Herb Salted Baked Chicken (盐焗鸡) - Best I ever had so far in KL. A must try!

She is the trademark of her stall, that's how I recognized the stall. :-D

This is how the chicken parts being wrapped in and baked using wok (镬)

Overall: Fun!
Food: Nice!
Day: Thursday
Landmark: Nearby Steven Corner OUG (newly located)

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