Sunday, April 15, 2012

[Eat] Tasty Mamak Food-Maggi Goreng with Fried Chicken Drumstick + Teh Tarik@Restoran Ajimal, Sri Petaling

I know it's fattening! But when the mamak food crave strikes in, nothing can stop me to go to one of my nearby mamak restaurant that serves pretty nice and delicious foooooood! Come on, sometimes just off the routine and pamper yourself in the middle of the night with mamak food when your stomach asking for food. I kept telling myself, "Ok Alexis, after this time, you need to workout real hard to burn off the calories!". LOL!!! Well it motivates me sometimes. Hehe!

My fav! Teh Tarik (Hot Pulled Milk Tea-indian-styled milked tea) and Maggi Mee Goreng with Ayam Peha Goreng (Instant noodles with fried chicken drumstick), slurps! You can check my other post for the Hot Pulled Milk Tea.

Do you know it feels to bite on this? It's TASTY! absolutely more affordable than other fast food fried chicken and slightly bigger in size. 

Yummy fried chicken drumstick, slurps, we ordered the second piece. Hehe!

Typical Maggi Goreng without chili but it was very aromatic. I guess they put in the whole spice powder when they cook it.

:p Tried to be artistic in taking food picture. Hehe! Of course with my  teh tarik behind there as background.

Milo Kosong Panas (Hot Milo without Milk) - Stomach filling!

Teh Tarik! In english, it probably to be called as Hot Pulled Milk Tea. The indian-styled of milked tea. Yummy!

Front View of the restaurant

Name: Restoran Ajimal Razim
Food: Affordable good and tasty.
Location: Near to SMK Seri Saujana, along Jalan Mesraria (OUG) which is still considered under Sri Petaling area.

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