Saturday, March 31, 2012

[Eat] Asam Laksa + Chinese White Chicken @Restoran Ah Loy, OUG

Tasty Asam Laksa
About few days back, I was being tagged in one of the high school friend's picture on how delicious and almost similar taste to our high school canteen's Asam Laksa. So we commented quite a lot on the picture and finally we got to one point that we will go and taste it together. Appointment set and our date was yesterday night, anticipated to see them again for quite sometime though. 

It's good to have some gatherings with old friends to get updated/gossips once again. :p  I bet everyone will do so, just to concern/care for friends. And I'm glad to have friends that could share moments with me most of the time, well sometimes fun and silly moments. LOL!

So here we were at Restoran Ah Loy, OUG (Overseas Union Garden) on Thursday night and coincidentally Pasar Malam OUG will be held here every Thursday. So our plan just got even more interesting :-), therefore after Asam Laksa, we could so some walking to digest our food and buy some stuffs from it. Sounded so well-planned and great! 

*(click to enlarge picture size)

Closer look of the Asam Laksa
This is the closer look of the Asam Laksa and it was served with quite a generous amount of prawn/shrimp paste, which normally we called it 'Har Ko' (蝦羔). Also, the ingredients are usually with shredded mackerel fish, mint leaves and finely sliced onions+pineapple. Probably some other hidden ingredients included in it, that might be out of my knowledge. 

Add-on order : Chinese White Chicken dish
One of my friend decided to order Chinese White Chicken dish as an add-on for our Asam Laksa.

The signage board of Kedai Makanan Ah Loy (Ah Loy Restaurant). 
Due to the low light of the environment, the signage board of Kedai Makanan Ah Loy (Ah Loy Restaurant) was pretty dark and blur. Will try to capture better picture next time :-)

Ah Loy Curry Restaurant Menu
"Fu Chuk Yee Mai Ping" - Iced Barley with Beancurd Sheet  as my drink for the night

We managed to end the bill up with more than RM30, and entitled for free Carlsberg Gold, while stocks last. (left-box view & right-bottle view). Love freebies!

Had a satisfied dinner with the girls and we marched on for Pasar Malam OUG. Pasar Malam pictures will be published in another post. :-) 

(This picture contributed by Emily, thanks!)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

[Eat] Steaky Pork Burger @Steak Out Steakhouse, Puchong

It was just about few days back though. I was starving early afternoon but need to do some bank stuffs first before I could enjoy my lunch. Soon afterwards, stuffs done and my stomach is killing my mind to get food!! So I was driving around Puchong area again with a hope to find a delicious restaurant to ease my stomach. 

And I found it! 

Steak!!! That's all my stomach could be craving for that day! Obviously, my stomach speaks louder than my brain, so I dine in this random restaurant --> Steak Out Wine & Grill SteakHouse at Bandar Puteri, Puchong (few doors away from Citibank Puchong)

At the door entrance, there were some display pictures of their famous Steaky Pork Burger and some other menus. After some sweet talk from the waitress to try it out, I decided to go for it. I was shocked that I was the only who walk into the restaurant and dine there, no one else. Skeptical feeling immediately struck into my mind if I should step out. Again, my stomach is already screaming for food so gave it a try. 

One of the waitress recommended their famous Steaky Pork Burger, so I ordered the same with some add-on, mushroom soup and garlic bread. 

*(click to enlarge picture)

This burger definitely juicy and delicious, the vegetables were fresh and crispy.

Mushroom soup was okay, probably the taste of it was being overtook by the burger.

Love this phrase--> Oogling at the Steaky Pork Burger may involuntarily cause drooling which may lead to wet table.

Name: Steak Out Wine & Grill SteakHouse
Address: 5 Jalan Puteri 1/6  Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603-8068-6107

Food: Delicious!
Ambience: Good

[Eat] Cappuccino @Pacific Coffee, Puchong

As usual after work, all you could think of, is just to go straight right home and rest yourself off on couch or bed. Or perhaps some bites of your favourite food before that. Well, unexpected call from a close friend to head for a cup of coffee next town before we call the day off. At first, I was tired and reluctant to join, but then who does not want to have some time off from the normal routine. 

Soon, I reached Pacific Coffee in Puchong, forcing myself to take the office laptop along. Greeted my friends and made my way to the counter to order my drink. I was being welcomed with a warm smile from the cashier and we had a little talk. I think the cashier signalled to the barista to prepare my cappuccino with nice milk decoration on top of the bubbles. 

This has definitely made my day with such a simple and yet nice decoration cappuccino. (probably that's how a little talk would make a difference from a normal cappuccino - little magic trick!)

What do you think? Nice? Shall I ask them to be more creative next time? :-)

Intro: Eat Play Love by Myself-Alexis

Eat + Play + Love = Life

Everyone would love the phrase above, to enjoy our life purely on our desires and preferences. And here I am, just started and would like to share my life journey of eat, play and love. 

I would love to hear from you all too. :-)