Monday, January 14, 2013

[Eat] Roast Duck Pickled Cabbage Sang Mee @Little Neptune Restaurant, The Mines 小海王家鄉风味

Finally I'm back from my busy schedule in writing this post now. Well as usual I need to fill in my stomach with delicious food. So I dropped by at The Mines as my friend needed help from me. As I walked around, I noticed a restaurant signage pretty attractive with the name 小海王  Little Neptune Restaurant. My mind straight sparkled with 'Ok, let's try this!'.
I have myself seated no one attended to me. I made a move to check the food. Realized that they are lack of manpower. So self service is the only faster way to get myself food. There are variety of dishes to choose for mixed rice. They also offered ala carte food. Then finally the waiter passed me their menu, it really attracts me to order lots of food only by the food names. At last I chose Roast Duck Pickled Cabbage Sang Mee.
It was great, the sang mee was really crispy matched perfectly with its gravy. The duck meat was so tender and delicious. I do recommend this to you guys. Give it a try.
Roast Duck Pickled Cabbage Sang Mee
This is how their dishes being displayed for the customers to choose/pick their desired ones.
Front view of the restaurant

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